Environmental Responsibility

The Stanford Park Hotel is proud to be an active citizen in our community and conscientious stewards of our environment.  Year after year, we have continued to build upon a comprehensive commitment to minimizing our hotels' impact on the environment through a series of initiatives described below.

Starting well before being eco-friendly was popular, we began programs within our hotel and restaurant to improve conservation and efficiency, and have been recognized as a leading business in this effort. 

Our environmental care program focuses on several key areas.

Key Elements of Our Environmental Programs Include:

Energy Conservation

We use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of less efficient incandescent bulbs in all public spaces throughout the Hotel.  We have a program to turn off lights and appliances in the guest rooms, offices and meeting room facilities when not in use to further conserve energy.  In addition, window tinting on all south-facing exposures reduces heat gain.

Water Conservation

We have replaced all guestroom showerheads with low-flow technology.  We incorporate a linen reuse program that encourages guests to re-use their sheets and towels during their stay to reduce the impact of extra washings. As a result of this initiative, we have reduced our usage of water, energy for water heating, and decreased the quantity of waste water.

Paper Conservation

We have adopted paperless reservation procedures opting to eliminate printing and paper usage.  In addition, we have an extensive paper recycling program throughout the public and office areas of the hotel.

Waste Reduction

We recycle paper and plastic and separate wet garbage and food products for composting. For our guestrooms, we separate and recycle waste. We encourage the use of recyclable disposable products and, wherever possible, have eliminated foam products, including cups, bowls, plates and clam-shell boxes, which are not recyclable. We recycle all cooking oils for use in producing clean burning bio-fuel.  In addition, all of our office workstations have specifically marked recycling bins.

Hazardous Material Recycling

We follow a strict recycling program for the disposal of hazardous materials such as light bulbs, batteries and electronic parts. We have clearly marked recycling receptacles and containers that are taken directly to hazardous materials disposal centers.

Environmentally Responsible Fixtures and Appliances

We have a program to replace wasteful fixtures (e.g. light bulbs, toilets, shower heads, and faucets that allow more than 1.6 gallons/minutes throughput) and appliances (e.g. refrigerator and freezers, ice machines, washing machines and dryers, air conditioners, furnaces/heaters and computers) with new efficient fixtures and appliances.

Indoor Environmental Quality

We have installed air filters with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration and use vacuums designed to reduce micro-organisms, dust and airborne pollutants. We research and, whenever possible, purchase cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly including using non-perfumed and unscented laundry supplies, carpet cleaners, cleaning supplies, and air fresheners.  Our guestrooms have operable windows which are part of a fresh-air exchange system within the Hotel.  Yes, we believe in fresh air!

Non-Smoking Rooms

In the year 2000, Stanford Park Hotel and Woodside Hotels were pioneers in the United States in establishing a 100% no-smoking policy for all of our guestrooms and public spaces.

Local Produce

Whenever possible, the Stanford Park Hotel and Menlo Grill Bistro & Bar utilize local produce and supply companies. Using local purveyors greatly reduces the environmental impact of supply transport. In addition, the Hotel boasts an on-property herb garden used by the kitchen and bar chefs at the Menlo Grill.

Furniture Repurposing

When transitioning to flat screen televisions, the Stanford Park Hotel opted to re-purpose the existing armoires to accommodate the new televisions to avoid the waste of disposing existing furniture.